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Reduce heating costs and quickly heat the hall

Industrial ceiling fans in sports halls

        Eisstadion Deggendorf  –  discolauf-deggendorf.de  –  Foto: Johannes Winter

Sports and adventure park

4 fans 03.308 with IP54 splash-water protection, reduce the heating costs and ensure a noticeably fresher climate.

Bodden-Therme, 18311 Ribnitz-Dammgarten

4-field tennis hall

9 fans 03.210 provide comfortable temperatures in tennis halls with 4 fields, reduces automatically the running time of the hall heating.

Top Sports, 35418 Altenbusek

Indoor golf

4 fans 03.210 - useful in summer and in winter.

Golf-Areal at the Signal-Iduna-Park, Dortmund

Climbing hall

1 fan 03.291
One fan is enough to compensate the temperature difference in winter. Hidden reserves ensure a pleasant breeze in summer.

Well und Fit, 95448 Bayreuth
www .wellundfit-bayreuth.de

Indoor playground

Visible in the image: 3 of 7 industrial ceiling fans 03.291.

TOBIDU Kinderland Stuttgart-Fellbach
www .tobidu.de

Climbing hall

4 fans 03.210
2 fans 03.291
Despite good heating it was in the past too cold at ground level and also too hot near the ceiling.
Thanks to the fans, climbing up to the ceiling is even in winter a pleasure. The temperature evenly distributed.

Kletter-Fabrik Köln, Lichtstraße 25

3-field tennis hall

4 fans 03.291 compensate the difference in temperature and optimize the hall heating.

Due to the regulator, the warm air flow achieves the ground softly and without noise pollution. The hidden reserves allow a quick preheating process.

Advantage of this variation:
No disturbances by the blade movements or light reflections at the blades. Secure protections against balls in sports halls or tennis halls.

Tenniscenter Löher, 333967 Rietberg

Sports hall

6 fans 03.290

Fast and uniform warm, effectively reducing heating costs und multiple security even with the hardest balls.

Handball sports club, 63303 Götzenhain

Indoor playground

16 fans 03.211

Kinderland Rostock, 18184 Roggentin

Sports hall

2 fans 03.291

Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule, 07745 Jena

Indoor beachvolleyball

9 industrial ceiling fans 03.291

East 61, Berlin-Schöneberg
www. beach61.de

Pictures/video: Fenne KG, HSV Götzenhain, East 61

Smoke test

In this video, the air flow becomes visible with the smoke test. The fan 03.291 transports the warm air from 10m hall height in a tight air cone to the floor. The speed is set appropriately, so the air flow reaches the bottom gently without disturbing air moves and is distributed in a circular manner in all directions..
Within less minutes the temperature is compensated and the fans can pause until the controller detects once again heat accumulation under the ceiling.

Tennis hall TC Blau-Weiss Lemgo

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