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For a fresh indoor climate

Application examples Industrial air circulation fans in summer

Industrie-Umluftventilatoren in einer PKW-Fertigungshalle zur Luftumwälzung


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Fresh breeze in the industrial hall

ADAC Luftfahrttechnik - 12 Ventilatoren 03.291

PKW-Fertigungshalle - Foto: Ivan Traimak

Use summer fans to reduce heating costs in winter too
Our fans on the hall ceiling can be used to save energy even in winter without making any changes to the devices.
You can find further information on the combined use of industrial ceiling fans in halls in our planning instructions for winter use (page 7).

30 degrees outside – work will be difficult inside

The air is still – every movement is stressful. No wonder that performance and mood fall by the wayside.
According to studies, if you still perform at full performance at 20 degrees, you can only achieve 60% at 30 degrees.

Give your employees and customers a fresh and pleasant breeze. The evaporation cold brings us the desired cooling through the skin. Our industrial ceiling fans and hall fans have the necessary performance and reliability for this.

Pleasant freshness for customers and guests

1  –  Mobile for tent events
Our industrial ceiling fans are robustly built and pre-assembled ready for use (except for the blades). For quick use and safe storage in a sturdy transport box until next summer or even the next winter use.

2  –  Pleasant freshness in sales rooms
Balanced temperatures everywhere without heat build-up in upper areas

3  –  Splash protection for outdoor catering
TÜV-tested IP54 water protection and the best equipment for safe commercial use.

4  –  Cooling down while exercising
Even if only the air moves, the body cools down through evaporation.

1 - Messezelt, Prag

2 - Caravan Vörtmann, Bremen

3 - Cafe Del Sol, Bremen (und andere Standorte)

4 - Peppermint Sportpark, Issum

Cool machines / balance temperatures

Industrie-Deckenventilatoren 03.210 zum Kühlen der Maschinen in einer Maschinenhalle.

Dissipate heat
Targeted air currents dissipate heat from machines and ensure that temperature limits are not exceeded.

Balance ambient temperature
Many production processes expect constant temperatures of machines and parts at all room heights. Our industrial ceiling fans provide quick compensation.

Combination of fresh air and circulation

Distribute fresh air evenly
Optimally combined for pleasant freshness in the sales tent: horizontal air flow and fresh air supply with the fans 03.291 and vertical air flow with the fans 03.210.
Photo: www.moebel-berta.de

Umluftventilatoren 03.210 und 03.291 im Verkaufszelt zur Frischluftzufuhr und Luftumwälzung.

Wall mounting on the swivel arm

Schwenkarm als Zubehör für die Wandmontage von Hallen-Ventilatoren.

Align quickly and easily
The swivel arm 03.494 is an easy and practical assembly solution as an accessory for the fan 03.291. Arm length 0.75m (front part mounted at an angle). Attachment to pipe 40-50mm or flat to the wall.

Ventilate containers and loading areas

Loading work in containers and truck boxes
are often associated with extreme heat and stuffy air in summer.

Be careful if there is a risk of harmful gases.
When unloading containers, cargo can may be treated. Employees should be protected by good ventilation. The 03.280 fan ensures constant air exchange during unloading. Fumigated containers must be ventilated according to regulations.

This is where the 03.280 fan shows its strengths:
– doesn’t get in the way
– throws the fresh air far into the 40 foot container
– is easy to align with one handle
– splash water protection IP54
– two loops for hanging (as in the picture) included on request

Umluftventilatoren 03.312 zur Belüftung bei Verladearbeiten in Containern oder Ladeflächen.

Fresh air through hall windows

Umluft-Ventilator 03.280 mit Schwenkarm - Frischluft weit durch das Hallenfenster in die Halle.

Fresh air – where it is needed
An astonishing 15,600m³/h with the 03.280 fan. Easily and spontaneously provide additional ventilation in hall windows.

  • throws the fresh air 15 meters into the hall
  • airflow adjustable in any direction
  • horizontal and vertical orientation
  • swivel arm: both window sashes can be opened as usual
  • in resting position flat against the wall
  • IP54 splash protection

Exhaust air through the skylights

If the used air hardly escapes:
Support airflow through the skylights with the 03.280 fan.
Since the skylights often do not open wide, high performance and a small fan diameter are important. 03.280 can be easily aligned on the bracket so that as much of the 15,600 m³/h per fan as possible can be transported out of the hall.

Abluft-Ventilator 03.280 am Oberlicht angebracht, um viel verbrauchte Luft aus der Halle abzuziehen.

Supply air at the hall door with swivel arm

Hallenlüfter am Schwenkarm 03.494. Frischluft-Zufuhr am Hallentor.

Throw up to 15,600 m³/h of fresh air from the hall door far into the hall:
The fan is ready for operation with a handle in the gate or in rest position flat on the wall on the right.
Simply direct the air flow on the fan bracket by hand to where it is needed.

Swivel arm 35 cm
The 03.280 fan is supplied as standard with the short black swivel arm 35 cm.

Swivel arm 110 cm
The large red swivel arm is available as an accessory for the fans 03.280/03.291/03.310/03.312. Arm length 75-110 cm. Attachment to pipe 40-50 mm or flat to the wall.

Effective on large areas:   Oscillation function

Horizontal airflow and switchable oscillation bring maximum effect over a large area.
Install from a height of 2.5m so that people near the fan are not yet exposed to the airflow.

Umluft-Ventilator 03.285 mit Schwenkfunktion in einer PKW-Werkstatt zur Klimaverbesserung am Arbeitsplatz.

TopGolf Oberhausen – fans 03.285 in the outdoor area
Each team area can be individually adjusted, ventilated extensively and in a variety of ways. Installed at the correct height and distance for comfortable airflow.

TopGolf Oberhausen - Ventilatoren individuell für jeden Bereich einzustellen.
Umluft-Ventilator 03.285 in einem Fitnessstudio für eine frischse Brise.

Placement example:
Placed in each corner, 4 fans with a swivel function can ventilate the entire room.
4 fans 03.285 for up to 150m²
4 fans 03.271 for up to 200m²
4 fans 03.272 for up to 250m²

Catalogue Air Circulation Fans

Prospektblatt + Katalog Industrie-Umluftventilatoren, ein PDF von Fenne KG